What Do You need To Know About The Meyerhouse?

Meyerhouse is seeking the attention of a lot of people due to several reasons. This is basically a new freehold development, which is located in the Tanjong Katong. You can see a number of facilities at the Meyerhouse Meyer Road. If you choose the option of such development, then you can take advantages of several facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls, and so many others.



Several nearby schools

Well, a lot of schools are present nearby the development area. Everyone wants to provide a better education to their children, and for this, it is necessary to take admission in the top schools. If we talk about the Meyerhouse development, then there are manyschools nearby the location, and it will be easy for the children to go to school. Here are some examples of schools –

  • Geylang Meth Primary School
  • Chung Cheng High School
  • Canadian International School
  • Dunman High School

Nearby shopping malls

In addition to the school, we can also see many options of the shopping malls nearby the location. If you are willing to go shopping, then it will be the better option. We can grab the fashion with the stone throw distance. Here are a few examples of shopping centers –

  • Roxy Square
  • Katong V
  • Katong Plaza
  • 112 Katong

Moving further, there are also many parks near the location of development. Such factor also makes the location better from the others. Well, it is always necessary to have a peaceful environment, and it can only be created by the parks and nature. The Meyerhouse location has many nearby options of the park, which can be used for several purposes. Children can play in the parks, and the older people can get a calm environment.

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