Back To School Things Adult Students Should Prepare For

Going back to school as an adult can be a daunting experience and it’s alright to get apprehensive. This is understandable since adult students are required to undergo the standard process with no exception.

One of the most important processes of going to college is the admissions application. Let’s take a look at the three most important parts of the application process that adult students should prepare for.

Standardized Tests

Typically, incoming college students are required by the school to take standardized tests like ACT or SAT to help them assess the student’s skills and abilities and check if they’re college-ready. SAT or ACT scores are important for students because it will determine their chances of getting accepted and the financial aid they can get.

Fortunately for adult students, they need not worry about having to take these tests. College admissions understand that the tests may not be an accurate tool to assess the adult student’s skills. Instead, they look at other factors like work experience for their assessment. However, it varies in different colleges; so, make sure to verify it first.

College Application Essay

Unlike the standardized tests, a college application essay is required by most schools even online colleges to all incoming students- young or old. Admission essays should provide the school information about your skills and experiences and why they should accept your application. This is an opportunity for adult students to boost their application by citing unique experiences that can contribute to the school’s growth.

School Transcripts

All college students are required to submit different documents like school transcripts or GED scores. As an adult student, you may be asked to provide copies of certificates you’ve received outside the academic world. These documents will provide the college admissions a clear picture of how you are as a student.

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